About US

Finelli & Shaw was founded to help people experience the vacations they truly want to have.

While working as tour guides in Italy, Sean and Brandon noticed the most popular things for tourists to do were completely different than the best things to do. Countless times they had an amazing experience and thought “why don’t people know about this?”

We know people want to have authentic, captivating experiences while traveling – but if it’s your first time in a destination it’s hard to know what those experiences are. We don’t want anyone to see something while traveling and say “next time we come back, we have to try that” again. Don’t miss your chance: you may never be back.

The desire to bring those amazing, life-changing travel experiences to others is the seed from which Finelli & Shaw sprouted. Just share your travel wishlist and leave the rest to us.

We don’t just book your hotels and activities. We partner with locals that we know personally, have vetted extensively, and provide a truly intimate travel experience that you can’t get anywhere else. If you’re not ready to commit to the best experiences, we’re not the company for you.

You may know you want to taste wine in Italy, but not which Vineyard provides the best experience. You know you want to walk the hills of Scotland, but not the most scenic route to take.

That’s where we come in.

Sean Finelli

Countries Lived In

United States, Italy

Languages Spoken

English, Italian

Fun Fact

Sean believes that raw olive oil and the right wine pairing is the key to making any dish taste delicious.

Brandon Shaw

Countries Lived In

United States, Italy, Netherlands, France, Russia

Languages Spoken

English, Italian, Dutch, French, Russian, Spanish

Fun Fact

When Brandon goes to a restaurant, he never looks at the menu, he always speaks with the chef and lets them decide what to serve. The chef knows best.

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