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Finelli & Shaw is a simple concept. There is the right way to do things and the wrong way to do things. Right and wrong differs for everyone, but one thing that remains constant for everyone is that it is difficult to get things right the first time.

For this reason, the two owners wanted to start a service that provides insight to travelers who are ambitious about their travel experiences--not in terms of "seeing more," but having stronger and more meaningful experiences. In Layman's terms, doing some really cool stuff.

WWith hundreds of years of years of combined travel experience in Europe, our team that has expanded to almost 40 people helps travelers get their trips right the first time. This way you can focus on your family and job during the planning process and head to Europe knowing your trip is maximized.


Positano Capri boat and prosecco serving the best Italian vacation planning European holidays


Brandon Shaw is an Irish-American dual citizen who was born in New Jersey, but moved to Europe at 18 years old, more than half his life ago.

He’s lived in Amsterdam, Paris, Rome and St. Petersburg. He speaks six languages including English, Italian, French & Spanish (what are the other languages?). He is a sommelier and licensed tour guide of Rome. Brandon is a strong believer in the true definition of the word “trip." He believes that it describes not only the destination, but also transit.

Sean Finelli is an Italian-American dual citizen who was also born in New Jersey and lived in Europe for almost 10 years of his adult life, most of which was spent in Rome. He speaks Italian and English.

He currently resides in Philadelphia, but spends almost half of his year in Europe, taking his family with him. Sean has a granular appreciation for food. His feeling is that a high quality raw olive oil and the right wine to pair is the key to anything tasting good.




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