Italy “Il Bel Paese”


The Republic of Italy is often referred to as the “bel paese” which means “beautiful land”, a name that couldn’t be more apt. Located on the Southern European peninsula, Italy also claims host to two of the largest and most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean: Sicily and Sardinia.



More than 40 million tourists a year visit Italy to sample its incredible wealth of art, cuisine, history, fashion and culture. Not forgetting the beautiful coastline and beaches, mountains, and priceless ancient monuments from Venice to Pompeii. There are 24 National Parks in Italy and more UNESCO World Heritage sites than in any other country.

Italy is truly one of the most incredible countries in the world.

There are countless reasons to visit Italy and experience it’s broad variety of sights and senses. 

Planning a trip to the bel paese is something we specialize in and can tailor-make a bespoke itinerary that can cater to your interests, whatever they may be.

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Sean Finelli & Brandon Shaw.