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"the greatest satisfaction in life comes from helping provide people with a memory that they will cherish for the rest of their lives"

At Finelli & Shaw, it’s all about you. As experts on all things Italy, we strive to create handcrafted, luxury vacations that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Taking time to build relationships is important to us, so we can fully understand and incorporate all your travel wants and needs into a tailor made itinerary. Our prime location in the Eternal City allows us to develop elite connections throughout Italy, that guarantee exclusive access and unique experiences you wont find with anyone else.

We take pride in our ability to craft unforgettable memories that will leave you breathless. From your first phone call with Brandon, to the last tour of your trip, Finelli & Shaw is there every step of the way so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your holiday.



Brandon Shaw

Head of Trip Planning
Brandon Shaw is a tour guide turned Italy expert. His journey started while he was studying abroad in Italy at just 18 years old, and then decided to stay. Over the years, Brandon lived in France, Holland, and Russia, but Italy always held his heart. He now calls Rome his home, where he leads tours at Finelli & Shaw as well as dedicating himself to providing the smoothest possible vacation for his customers. Brandon believes that the greatest satisfaction in life comes from helping provide people with a memory that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Sean Finelli

Marketing Director
Sean Finelli defines his life by making his dreams a reality. He is an Italian-American who had a strong desire to discover his Italian heritage. After taking advantage of his Italian citizenship and moving to Italy, Sean immediately knew he made the right decision. For over 10 years, he became an expert on all things Italy, exploring everything the country had to offer. Now, Sean oversees Finelli & Shaw from the US, sharing his knowledge and expertise so he can help people make their dreams a reality, just as he did.


Let us introduce you to some of the people who will help to make your Italian experience truly unforgettable

Fabio - Our Driver

Fabio - Our Driver

Fluent in Italian and English, Fabio is our most dependable attribute. A punctual, friendly, and personable guy, Fabio plays an important role in helping us piece together a magical trip for you. With an itinerary that is designed to exceed your wildest vacation expectations, Fabio is the perfect person to help us get the ball rolling in making your travels as comfortable and easygoing as possible.
Luca - Vineyard Owner

Luca - Vineyard Owner

Luca runs his vineyard in Tuscany with a passion that was passed down from his paternal grandfather, inspiring him to make quality wine. First starting out in the basement of his home in the early 1940's he would take special care to sort the fruit, keep the lots of wine separate and get to know the growers of the fruit before deciding to buy. Luca employs time honored traditions of constant care and evaluation of quality along with the modern scientific techniques to both grow the grapes and allow the wine to reach top quality, award winning recognition in this region of Italy.
Alberto & Davide - Chefs and Restaurant owners

Alberto & Davide - Chefs and Restaurant owners

Running a restaurant in Rome is a demanding and complex job. Ensuring that the quality of every meal meets exacting standards, while ensuring that you stay true to traditional methods and sources for regional Italian dishes that can sometimes also come with controversy. Located in the heart of Rome's bustling Trastevere, their restaurant "Mani in la Pasta" is a staple favorite of our tours and itineraries. The food is cooking in front of you as staff rush to find you a table and provide you with the very best in Italian cuisine. Not to be missed.
Elena - Our Guide

Elena - Our Guide

Tuscany is the land of saints, poets and wine lovers. A client once commented that Elena is as Florentine as the Ponte Vecchio. Our guide is a curious sommelier in training and passionate about all things Tuscan and Florintine. When she is not sharing her passion for the Renaissance by guiding you through her magnificent city, bursting at the seems with culture, she is pointing out the best places to buy quality Florentine leather goods and shoes.