Have you ever been on vacation and seen someone doing something so incredible, like diving off the side of a catamaran when you are sitting on the beach and thought, “I wish I were doing that.” We make sure you don’t have to think things like that, at least while traveling in Europe.


Planning a vacation can sometimes seem like a full-time job on top of the one you already have. After all, the entire reason you’re planning a trip is because you need a break.

We’re not just the people who recommend tours, immersive experiences, hotels and restaurants. Through our years of running award-winning and critically-acclaimed tours all over Italy, we are tourism virtuosos. As citizens and expatriates who live and work in the countries you’re visiting, we know and understand the destinations on your bucket list like the backs of our hands.


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We recommend at least one structured activity per day to ensure the most memorable vacation possible. That could be an incredible day trip by helicopter to taste Brunello wine on a Tuscan estate with the owners themselves. Or perhaps you’d prefer a private boat excursion along the stunning Amalfi Coast. How about visiting the Vatican after-hours with your own private art history expert so you can witness the splendor of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel when the museums are empty?

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. There’s more. We not only arrange and execute experiences that you’ll remember for a lifetime, we take care of all of the minute details of your vacation as well.

While on vacation in Spain with his wife and kids, co-founder Sean Finelli noticed that he was spending 30 minutes to an hour per day on Yelp looking for places to have the perfect lunch or dinner with a view. However, with us, no research is required. We suggest and plan your dining experiences, so that no detail of your day is left to chance."


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We really loved the day trip to Capri from Sorrento. It was an incredible day that we would gladly do again tomorrow.



One of our first clients described our services by saying, “Everywhere I went someone had a sign with our name on it.” Our mantra states that we take care of everything so you can be on vacation.

For a small fee, we provide a SIM card waiting for you at your first hotel. This way, you will have calling and internet capabilities ready from the get-go. From there, get in touch with us anytime you need something - we are always here to help. If you recommend a change that results in an added fee, we will always let you know.


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The majority of our business is based on referrals. Your travel budget will include a €99 per day trip planning fee for the luxury of convenience. Our local experts know all the best restaurants, accommodations and experiences that will enrich your European vacation.

Our clients are our top priority. We've built a business around the quality and attentiveness of our services. For this reason, we only accept a handful of clients per planner at a time. We strive for ultimate finesse on each vacation we coordinate; we value quality over quantity.


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We charge a planning fee of 99€ per day you are traveling to plan your trip including yourself and your travel partner. If you are traveling with kids it also includes your first two kids. Additional couples are 29€ extra per day.

This includes our planning service before your trip and concierge during your trip. Each SIM card will cost you a 35€ extra.

Our trip planning minimum fee is 495€. So if you are planning a four day “long weekend” to France, we will charge for 5 days.

Your hotels, tours, activities, meals and transportation are all additional to that fee. This allows you to pick and choose the services that are right for you instead of us making decisions for you based on commission.



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