Have you ever been on vacation and saw someone doing something so incredible, like diving off the side of a catamaran when you are sitting on the beach and thought, “I wish I were doing that.” We make sure you don’t have to think things like that, at least while traveling in Europe.


We all know planning an iconic vacation takes a lot of time. If you are researching us, then you are probably someone who doesn’t have a lot of extra time. The entire reason you are planning this vacation is because you need a break to begin with.

Don’t put even more on your plate leading up to your European trip of a lifetime. Besides, no matter how much you read online, you will never know and understand a destination like the people that live there.

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The “Relief Session” is a 30 minute phone call with us in which we ask you some questions about your travel style and you tell us everything you want out of your trip, sparing no detail. We call it the relief session because at the end we say, “Ok. We’ll take it from here”.

72 hours later, we'll send you back a draft itinerary for you to look over. You'll attach whatever notes you have and we will make any improvements you see fit. Think of this process like you being the boss and us your administrator. You let us know candidly what you want and we make it happen. When it looks and feels right, then you pay.

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We recommend at least one structured activity per day. That could be an incredible day trip by helicopter to taste Brunello on a Tuscan estate with the owners themselves. We organize tours of the Vatican after hours and have access to visit areas of the Colosseum that are restricted from public access.

As a full-service travel company, we not only recommend great activities for you and your group, but we also make sure you're dining at top-notch restaurants. While on vacation in Spain with his wife and kids, co-founder Sean Finelli noticed that he was spending 30 minutes to an hour per day on Yelp looking for places to have the perfect lunch or dinner with a view. You don't deserve that type of burden on your getaway, so we don't worry, we've got it covered.

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Our services were best described by one of our first customers who said, “Everywhere I went someone had a sign with our name on it.” The idea is that we will take care of everything so you can be on vacation.

We will even get you a SIM card at no additional cost for you to plug into your smartphone during your trip. It will be waiting for you at your first hotel and will provide calling and internet.

From there, you can get in touch with us anytime you need something or want to make a change. You can call or text us to make changes and we are on duty the entire time you are traveling. We are there to give advice or make changes on the fly. If you recommend a change that may result in an added fee, we are always transparent with customers so they can decide what works best for them.


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If you are on our website, then your friends may have traveled with us before. The majority of our business is based on referrals.

Our minimum budget is 8,000€ per week per couple. So if you are coming to Europe with another couple and want to use our service, plan on a budget of at least 16,000€ total including hotels and activities before contacting us.

Our skills and experience are used best for extravagant groups looking to plan highly experiential travel. This is why we have a trip minimum. We’re not for everyone.


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We charge a planning fee of 99€ per day you are traveling to plan your trip including yourself and your travel partner. If you are traveling with kids it also includes your first two kids. Additional couples are 29€ extra per day.

This includes our planning service before your trip and concierge during your trip. A SIM card is also included in this fee.

Our trip planning minimum fee is 495€. So if you are planning a four day “long weekend” to France, we will charge for 5 days.

Your hotels, tours, activities, meals and transportation are all additional to that fee. This allows you to pick and choose the services that are right for you instead of us making decisions for you based on commission.